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NextGen Reader v1.5 Released – a Google reader client for windows phone 7

I am really excited as the NextGen Reader update v1.5 is available in the marketplace.

Not-a-long-history, NG Reader was released on 22-Jan and since then it has been updated five times which means on average it’s been updated every six days. Not that I feel good about pushing updates so fast, but I was overwhelmed with so much positive feedback and number of feature requests; in addition to fixing some crash issues.

Okay let’s go through major changes for the update version 1.4 and 1.5:

  • The brand new tile and UI gives app a beautiful visual experience.
  • “Sync changes only” feature: Being an offline reader, NG Reader allows you to mark items as read, add stars or share articles at anytime. The important thing is NG Reader will smartly sync the changes in background at specified interval, but if you don’t have network available, it won’t complain or drain your battery. However, when you launch the application next time and do “sync/refresh”, it will update your changes to server and then download new items.
  • Fixed crashes, more stable and improved performance.

But many a time, I felt the need to just sync changes and not to download new items, since I was moving to Google web reader or another application on my PC or Tablet.

So with NG Reader, now you have the ability to sync only changes and not fetch any new items, before moving to your PC or Tablet. It’s very simple but again very useful feature.

See the NextGen Reader v1.5 highlights in below video:


On Frequent Updates: I don’t like to push frequent updates, unless until there is a critical bug. The fact that great user experience comes from thoughtful design & clear thinking and so do in our case, I desire of NG Reader to always provide a great experience with simplicity and performance.

Also I really appreciate the feedback in any possible way, so do tweet us or write an email about the features you want or discuss new ideas on our group. Find the contact points below:

Twitter: @ngreader

Email: ngreader at




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  • Nathan

    I actually likes the previous version’s loading screen. The icon for a a tile on the home screen is nice, but in the app list view it’s not so great. If possible, using something similar to the previous icon in the App list would be nice and allow it to stand out a little more.
    That’s not a big issue, more just a personal gripe.
    The working circle blocks are a nice touch, but it seems a bit generic.
    I understand that it may not be the easiest thing to “fine tune” because it seems that you want to keep the app small. That’s a great aspect, given the features.
    Maybe having the text “Loading, Please wait…” with it having a simple color cycle of white and gray.
    Other then that, it’s a great update. The speed has been improved, and it’s very noticeable.

    Otherwise, I am going to post an alteration of a suggestion that I previously E-Mailed.
    I did get a response, which was actually really nice.
    In addition, I also have sense purchased the full app to help support it.

    I only have a few feeds that I fallow, but having them always listed some-ware would be nice.Even if it’s just putting another menu to the left or right of the “Feeds” page would be nice.
    The idea being that one can easily see and tell others what feeds they are subscribed to, even if it doesn’t update often.

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