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NextGen Reader v1.6 released – a google reader client for windows phone 7

NextGen Reader v1.6 is now ready to roll in marketplace, actually it could have been available more sooner if I hadn’t come across the weird problem where “publish to marketplace” button doesn’t works from the “windows phone: my apps” list page. However a Google search later confirmed the problem: , and the simple workaround is to go to the application page first and then select the action to publish.

Now let’s quickly go through new features in this update:

  • Mobilizer: added instapaper mobilizer for quickly reading the complete article without having to leave the application.
  • Quick toolbar in article view – Increase or decrease font size and toggle image width to fit coloumn. (find out more in screenshot below)
  • New global setting to disable image width to fit coloumn.
  • Added support for Read It Later, in addition to existing InstaPaper support in app.
  • Improved download speeds while fetching articles.
  • and other bug fixes.

Toggle image width to fit column using quick toolbar is very useful if you happen to follow comic feeds, more important the setting remains effective in article view while you move to the next or previous item unless you go back to list view and select a new item, where it will restore your global preference.

Below are few screenshots showing some important features of NextGen Reader, and a video of NGReader v1.5 at the end.

1 2

4 5

6 7


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  • If only you built in full page caching functionality, I’d pay $8.00 for your app. Having recently moved off an iPhone, I really miss the functionality Byline has:

    “Byline automatically analyses your feeds so that it can cache the ones with truncated content.”

    In addition to that, you can pick which feeds you’d like to cache the actual web page for.

    So far, I think your app is the best out of all the current WP7 Google Reader apps in the marketplace.