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NextGen Reader v1.9 released – a Google reader client

Hello there, it’s been long since I posted about v1.6 release and been busy developing and fixing NextGen Reader. Thanks to everyone for the response and continuous feedback which helps and motivate me to make @ngreader best RSS Reader for WP7.

Alright, so this week has been fantastic with details on Mango update revealed by Microsoft. I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to happen. With 1500 new API’s added I think WP7 has a great future ahead. Coming back to my app, now I’ll make sure that I blog more often at least whenever NextGen Reader gets updated. My last post was on version 1.6, since then NextGen Reader has been updated twice and today we have released v1.9. Let’s talk about this update first and the new features coming in future.

NextGen Reader v1.9 change log:
– improved article view with published time and author name details.
– links within article now displayed in phone theme color.
– “read all” button to display checkboxes with all items selected.
– new mobilized view with toggle switch.
– fixed crashes and other bugs.


One of the important things about NextGen Reader is to be most productive client for Google reader. In version 1.9, I have made an important difference where “read all” action will show checkboxes just like official wp7 email app but with all items selected. This change brings many advantages for various scenarios mentioned below:

1. First of all, marking all as read requires only two taps as previously you would press “read all” appbar button and then select “yes” on message box confirmation. Now you have to press appbar button, it will select all items and display checkboxes. Tap again on first appbar button to mark them as read.

2. If you have marked all items as read by mistake then it’s easy to mark all as unread, since you can now easily select all items and then choose “keep unread” from the appbar menu.

3. Let’s say you’ve ten items in list and wanted to mark nine as read and keep one unread. First press appbar button to show all items selected with checkboxes, now tap on an item to de-select it and then simply press “mark read” appbar button to mark remaining items as read. Doing same thing earlier would have required twice the number of taps.

Another important change is new full screen reading view with toggle switch at top to enable/disable InstaPaper mobilizer. Also I’ve added smooth animations in article view when moving to next or previous article just like official wp7 email application.

Again thanks to those who have sent lots of feedback over the last month and it has helped us tremendously in improving the application.

Finally some sneak peak into NextGen Reader future: most important features coming to NextGen Reader in future updates are Live tile support, Youtube videos handling and increased article/feed quota limit. Apart from these, I’ve many other features in plan and will talk about them in future posts.

So please keep sending your feedback anyway you like – email, twitter or comments.


  • Jeff Almasol

    first off, thanks for the continual updates! just updated to v1.9, and appreciate the ‘read all’ change. i’m still trying to get used to the full-screen reading view, as i previously liked using the prev/next buttons after reading an article. not a huge deal, just something to get used to.

    also, i noticed that each update seems to reset my settings. is it possible to fix this so that it’s not so cumbersome to use an updated version?


  • Thomas

    The last update is nice. My main problem with the application is that I sometimes press ‘mark as read’ by mistake at the top level.
    I do not like the confirm button since it is one extra step all the time and it also makes a lot of noise.
    I really never want to mark all item as read on sub folders. Only the items I currently see in the list. Perhaps there could be an option for this?

  • chris bingham

    awesome app, keep up the good work.

    would be nice if i could exclude certain feeds from being updated (i ahve a lot of feeds in there, many of which i dont want when mobile)

  • Sathanous

    Great update, love the new ‘mark all as read.’ You are my favorite reader and I’ve tried alot of them and you’re quickly becoming my favorite overall app.