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NextGen Reader v1.15 update is here!

Hi, there’s a lot happening in the mobile world with patent war going nuclear, recent heavy announcement of Google buying Motorola Mobility and a shocking news about HP to shut down WebOS development. All this points to one good thing that Windows Phone is deemed for commercial success and we wanted to let you know that NextGen Reader v1.15 update is now available in marketplace with many new features and enhancements. Please find more about Mango update at the end of this post but first, let’s jump into v1.15 features, shall we? :-)

  • Share to Facebook – yes by popular demand the Facebook sharing is now available, including the one tap update feature to share same on twitter and windows live.
  • Subscriptions in alphabetical order – many of you’ve asked about where are all of my feeds, earlier ngreader displayed only feeds which had unread articles but now you can see all of your feeds/folder on main page with a unique experience to switch between unread or all items.
  • "all items" or "unread only" toggle mode now using application bar button you can switch between different modes whether inside a folder or feed or at main list. It will toggle between:

unread only modeall items mode

    • display all feeds or only unread feeds. ngreader_1.15
    • display all articles or only unread articles.
  • New experience in "unread only" mode:
    • auto hide articles when marked as read.
    • auto hide feeds or folder with no unread articles.
    • auto back to top-level list.
  • Sync any feed or folder– yes it’s possible too with latest update.
    • navigate to desired feed or folder.
    • press sync button to download new items.
  • Improved automatic loading of new items when sync completes – now you don’t have to tap again to load new items when the sync is complete unless of course you’re in edit mode or still reading old articles.
  • Option to lock screen to portrait mode.
  • Increased limit for starred and shared items.
  • More responsive star button in article view – improved hit area and negative margins for touch detection.
  • Fixed image resizing in mango build 7712 – thanks to IE9!
  • Improved layout in landscape mode.
  • & many bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy the update, do give it a try. Download the trial version (free) which has no ads or limitations except twitter support. As always I’m continuously working & open for feedback, thanks to everyone in making this possible especially all beta testers.

About Mango Release

Now, let’s talk about Mango, I guess many of you’ve seen the press and amazing reactions of media on Mango beta release but let me share one thing – all you’ve seen so far is part-1 of the story, part-2 will begin shortly when developers began to embrace the new functionality underneath.

We’re working hard on Mango version and it’s COMING SOON! But we need help from your side in deciding on launch of mango version, any feedback on this is most welcomed.

As per MS update policy for mango apps – once we submit Mango version to marketplace, NoDo version of the app cannot receive any further updates. Please note that it’s similar to how Apple iPhone supports updates. Since, we’ve seen in the past that NoDo update took long time mostly due to issues with carriers but even if the update process is improved, we can still expect a minimum transition period of two months before every WP7 handset in the world is updated to Mango.

So, the problem is if something changes on the services side e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc…, it won’t be possible to update NoDo version of app which we don’t want you to face. We can think of a temporary solution which is:

  • To launch a separate free Mango version of NextGen Reader for transition period.
  • and once majority of users update their phone, we can update the NoDo version to Mango and kill the temporary version.

Of course, this has two problems:

  • How to update all users about the separate version of app for Mango?
  • Temporary spamming of marketplace.

Please let us know if you’ve better ideas….

Cheers & if you like the app show us some love on FaceBook page.

  • If you launch a temporary Mango version, don’t you think that everyone who didn’t buy the NoDo version just keeps it and therefor doesn’t buy the app?!
    I would totally focus on Mango, Msft just needs to make sure the update get’s delivered faster this time…

    • Right, it will stop the sales for transition period.

      Thanks you!

  • My Suggestion is that to submit a seperate NODO version in the marketplace and keep current version update to Mango

    • Yes, it seems a better choice but there has to be a temporary NoDo update before Mango version – notifying all users to migrate to free app in order to receive future updates on NoDo.

  • I agree that it prolly be better for your sales to make the free one the NoDo one and for letting people know, since you prolly don’t have the e-mail of everyone that buys your app, that the only why to try to reach them would be a notice in the Mango App text.

    And it was all Micro’s fault NoDo took so long it was carrier delay, mainly AT&T.

  • Appelflap

    Nah, just update it to Mango. People with NoDo wont have updates anymore, but you must not forget that most european owners will have Mango soon after launch. And i am not even talking about all the smartphones that will be launched in september with Mango in it all over the world.

    Dont confuse the customers, just update it to Mango please.

  • Andrew

    Just a quick comment on the update: I’m totally not a fan of the alphabetical ordering of posts. In my opinion it’s made it much more difficult to view updates chronologically while not really adding much.

    Primarily I think it has a huge negative impact on how using “All Items” in a folder works. Previously, that’s what I’d click if I wanted to see the latest updates across a folder, but now there’s no way to do that because they’re presented in alphabetical order by source.

    Feeds are already sorted by source if you click them individually, so I don’t really understand what problem the alphabetization was setting out to solve.

    • @Andrew

      Thanks for the feedback. The alphabetical sorting is meant only for feeds by source but not on the posts inside a folder -> “All Items”. This issue will be fixed in next release.