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NextGen Reader for Mango updated to v2.1

Today, NextGen Reader for Windows Phone Mango (v2.1) gets a much needed quick update with enhancements and bug fixes reported by many users. I’ve improved the date/time format to match completely with the inbuilt email client in both list view and detailed view. 6

Let’s dive directly into the change log:

  • New date and time format in list view and detailed view, similar to official email app.
  • Improved touch response when selecting an item using left hand (similar to official email client).
  • Bug: Fixed crash when opening article in IE from mobilizer page.
  • Bug: Fixed date and time if display language is other than English.
  • Bug: Fixed crash when sending non-English articles to InstaPaper.
  • Bug: Fixed article date and time didn’t match with Google Reader.
  • Bug: Fixed occasional reset of app settings and data.
  • Bug: Fixed issue where some items appeared out of sort order.
  • And more bug fixes.

More on the way

This update is full of bug fixes and enhancements, but there’s still more to come. Tell us what you think and stay tuned for new features in next release. Between don’t forget to follow us on Twitter(@ngreader) for latest news.

  • news about italian language?

    • Thank you for quick comment. Sorry, It’ll take some time, may be couple of updates before we’re there… :) The features have already been decided for next version, and I’ll plan for localization soon after it.

  • SidFisk

    My LiveTile always shows 999 for the unread article count. Is there a way to get that to be accurate?

    • The GR returns correct number only up to 1000. It’s same on Google Reader website as well.

      • SidFisk

        Oh, I thought it was based on my cache settings. Which I have set to 200.

        • The unread count displayed on live tile is actual number. It will cause more confusion if based on cache settings.

  • My background task doesn’t seem to be working. It says it is “off” and I am unable to turn it back on. Is this a mango bug or a problem with the app? I tried rebooting my phone but that didn’t help.

    • I’ve improved the background tasks reliability in coming update (v2.2). Please go to “app settings”->”live tiles” page and toggle the switch from “Off” to “On” again to enable the task again.
      E.g. WP7 automatically disables task after 14 days, which is now handled in latest version, so as long as you’re using the app regularly, you’ll not see any issues from next version.

      Thanks you!