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Nextgen Reader updated (v3.1) for WP 7.5

Today, Nextgen Reader gets a bunch of great improvements in its latest update to version 3.1. Let’s take a look.

screenshot of new subscriptions hub

Above is a screenshot of new subscriptions hub with featured section, and gone is “my feeds” section. Yes, we’ve moved all the feed management functionality to main screen itself i.e. you can pin/edit/delete a feed by simply using tap and hold gesture on desired feed.

Another most requested and important feature is smarter article view. Many a times, you’ll find something interesting to read by following links in an article. Now if that happens, you can simply tap on view button to mobilize it for reading. In fact, all of the actions – share/save/email now act upon the current opened link in your reading view. So, without further ado, below is the complete change-log for latest update. We hope you enjoy it.

What’s new in version 3.1:

  • New: Smarter article view i.e. share/save/email/mobilize current opened link instead of original article.
  • New: Dynamic subscriptions hub with featured section to find latest and popular feeds.
  • New: Tap and hold to edit/pin/delete a subscription from main page.
  • New: Pin to start (live tile) experience.
  • Improved sharing on Facebook with embedded links.
  • Default: Always use HTTPS for sync.
  • Fixed: Always sort starred items by newest first.
  • Fixed: Twitter authentication bug.
  • Several bug fixes and enhancements.

In addition to above changes, Instapaper and Pocket (Read It Later) accounts are now available only in paid version.

Thanks everyone for the great feedback. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming. Now that we’ve got the 3.1 release out, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting closer to the biggest task: letting you have nextgen reader right on your Windows 8 PC/Tablet. Stay tuned.

Please check your marketplace for latest update or download from here.


  • Adrian

    It is not showing up in the Markerplace. Hopefully you can let Microsoft know…

    • It should be available now. Please let me know your country if it’s still not.

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  • Phil

    sounds like one of the last releases for wp7. is there still any chance for localization in a (not so distant) release?

    if you need any help for german, please let me know!

    • No, we’ll try to release more updates (specially for WP 7.8). But unfortunately localization is not planned for WP7 version. Thanks for your offer, we’ll contact you for help.

  • Greg Handel

    Is there a way to get a bunch of different articles from different websites from my desktop pc and somehow get them to appear in ngreader so i can read them suing the app? and maybe, a way also that if i find a new article on my pc, i can add this to the bunch of articles referenced in the first sentence, and it then updates and appears in the ngreader app too?

    sorry if this is a convoluted description of something that the app already does quite simply.

    • I think you’re looking for a read later service. Please checkout Pocket, Readability or Instapaper. You can add extensions to your browser and then send articles to any service. You can also save articles to a particular service through ngreader. Later you can read them through a mobile client or their website.