Building next generation apps for Windows platform.

Announcing support for Feedly!

We’re excited to announce that Nextgen Reader will add support for Feedly before Google Reader retires.

As you may know, Feedly is working on the Normandy project, to help keep the vibrant ecosystem of Google Reader apps that people love. We’re delighted to be part of this project, along with some of the best Google Reader apps on other platforms. You can read the announcement here.


We’ll update apps on both WP8 and Windows 8 this month. And specially for our long-term customers, we’ll also update the WP7 version to support Feedly, hopefully next month or as early as possible.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of our users for supporting us.

Happy Reading!
– Next Matters

P.S. More news on the beta next week.

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  • Andrew C

    Great news! Couldn’t live without Nextgen Reader on Windows 8 or my Windows Phone 7!

    • ngreader


  • Thomas Olsson


    • ngreader

      Thank you for supporting us all the way!

  • np


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  • Great choice. It seems like Feedly is going to be the go-to pick from here on out.

    • ngreader

      Thanks. Yes, it will be. :)

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  • ngreader

    Glad. :)

  • Roid Ip

    Great news! always support Next Matters Team!!

    • ngreader

      Thank you!! :)

  • Mark Heath

    Great news. I have been a loyal user of Wonder Reader for a long time but there is complete radio silence from them as to what will happen when Google Reader shuts down, so I’ve signed up for a Feedly account and will be getting nextgen reader once the new version comes out.

    • ngreader

      Hi Mark. You’re welcome! Thank you for switching.

  • Karthikeyan

    You guys are awesome! Rocking with the trial now, and that itself is giving me full features that i care about. Will surely support you guys if only i had a credit instead of debit card. As a way of showing my gratitude i have rated you a 5 star with love.

  • Iowa_State_Cyclone

    You guys rock.. you just got a paying customer on both win8 and wp7

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  • YentingLin

    Oh my god i’m still using my WP7 phone and I am THRILLED to know that I can continue to use this app for reading news!!!

  • Andrej Stern

    I think you did a great job but I also think you should support other services that provide Google Reader APIs (like FeedHQ).

  • chris kahrs

    Can’t wait to load the update, do you know how/when you will have a beta, or full version ready? Great product so far, esp on the phone!

  • ekucera00

    Any more word on the beta or release of feedly support?

    • Also waiting for feedly support release. I’ve been trying using feedly on the firefox and import my news feed from google reader. I’m not buy your app yet. But after this feedly transition, I’d definitely buy since my carrier activating the carrier billing not long ago.

  • Ren Chengbin

    Will Nextgen still add NewsBlur support?

    • vn14

      Is NewsBlur support expected? Please respond, developers…

      • ngreader

        No plans at this moment. May be in future.

  • Bernhard Doll

    The WP7.5 Version is no longer published. So it can’t be installed anymore!!

    A few days ago, I wanted to reinstall NextGen Reader (had a small issue with the live tiles) and didn’t check it’s availability before uninstalling the app. Now i can’t install it again, because it seems to be no longer available.

    Following the link (not having signed in), it tells me “Works with Windows Phone 8″ (no mention of WP7.5). After I sign in, it tells me to work with both WP7.5 and WP8, but is listed as “This app is no longer published”. :-(

    Hope, this App will become available again shortly.

    (Was using both the WP7 and Windows 8 (not phone) version and really liked how they worked together. Would be really sad, if the app wouldn’t come back to WP7 anymore…)

    Could you please provide any information about this situation?

    • ngreader

      Yes, WP7 version will be back next month with Feedly support. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please sign up for beta via contact page.

      • Bernhard Doll

        Thanks for your fast reply :)
        Going to sign up for beta right now.

  • Tony Wong

    Will my feeds still work in NextGen after google reader goes offline, or do I have to somehow transfer all my feeds to another service before google goes down? I’m not exactly sure what this article is saying.

    • ngreader

      Once update is released, you simply have to login into Feedly with GR account.

  • Tobias W.

    Thank you!

  • Rémy Sergent

    hello, i don’t find feedly in app settings. Can you help me ?

    • ngreader

      Update will be out in 2-3 days.

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  • Jayson Merryfield

    Could I kindly inquire as to the status or ETA (if there still is one) for the WP7 app that incorporates Feedly syncing? I’m really missing having my Nextgen Reader available to me on my commute to work.

    • ngreader

      Hopefully next week (beta). Thanks!

      • Jayson Merryfield

        Thanks so much for the update! Looking forward to it!