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[Update] Nextgen Reader with Feedly cloud now available in store

[Update] Nextgen Reader (v1.7) update is now available in Windows 8 store.

We are very excited. Nextgen Reader (v5.0) update with Feedly cloud is now available in Windows Phone 8 store.

We hope you enjoy the release.  Also, there are other improvements and bug fixes (including the sharing to Twitter).

Few important notes about the migration:

  • Please backup your data using Google Takeout:
  • To connect with feedly cloud, please go to app settings -> accounts and select “feedly”.
  • If you’re logging in for the first time, then Feedly will automatically migrate your list of subscriptions and categories. It will also migrate the tagged articles (Note: there is 1,000 entry limit for each tag).
  • Your unread counts are reset.

Thanks to Feedly for being a great partner and building an awesome product.


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  • Andrey Poltavets


  • SirMong

    Thank you guys for nice app. Using both WP8 & Win8 versions.

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  • Thanks!
    Though I should have paid attention to the “…unread counts will be reset” part.

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  • pinyopl

    And what about WP7 users?

    • ngreader

      Next month :) Sorry for the delay.

      • Jarle Nygård

        Not in time for shutdown?

        • ngreader

          Please sign up for beta:

          • Jarle Nygård

            I have signed up now, thanx!

      • make it faster ;-( they shutdown aleady ;-(

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  • Mr_Impartial

    Works fine on my Win 8 tablet. Added and removed a couple of feeds from the feedly web interface and it synced like a charm to my nextgen reader on Windows RT. Now please release the WP7version asap. Thank you for not leaving your loyal WP7customers behind.

    • ngreader

      Thanks! Please sign up for WP7 beta here:

  • sodablue

    I got the WP7 beta running this last weekend.

    I just want to say thanks! I use my Lumia 900 for email, browsing and reading RSS feeds. Without the ability to read the RSS feeds, I was seriously considering buying an iphone.

  • clriis

    Please keep the folder structure as defined in Feedly.

    Instead of a hierarchic folder
    structure, Nextgen should inherit the tag system implemented by Feedly.
    In that way users can have the same feed in two or more “folders”.

    Example: In my Feedly “The Verge” is tagged with “tech” and “eng”
    (for english language), but it only appears in one folder in Nextgen