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Nextgen Reader + Feedly cloud is out on the WP7 Store

Exciting news! A big update for Nextgen Reader (v4.5) is out on the WP7 store with Feedly support.

If you haven’t migrated to Feedly yet, then please read this post on how to import your Google Reader data into Feedly:


  • New: Support for Feedly.
  • Fixed: Sharing on Twitter.
  • Support for new live tile templates on WP7.8 (including wide tiles).
  • Tons of improvements, bug fixes and all the new features from WP8 release.

We hope you enjoy the massive update on your WP7 device. :)

wp7 download

Cheers and thanks for your support!

-Next Matters

  • Albza

    I was waiting for this update! Thanks!! 😉

  • Jayson Merryfield

    Awesome! Thanks SO MUCH for the hard work on putting out a WP7 version as well! Works great, even BETTER than before!

  • Bernhard Doll

    Thanks a lot!
    Finally I’m able to read my feeds on the go again :)

  • mgombar

    Can you tell us what is different between the Trial and the Paid versions? For example, Is the Trial version limited to 1000 items vs. unlimited for the Paid version?

    • ngreader

      Save to Pocket, Instapaper, etc. under app settings -> accounts are available in full version. Rest is all same. No ads in trial or full version. Thanks!

  • Tusen Miljarder

    Will you support The Old Reader API?

  • Quan Nguyen

    I cant login to Feedly account using the lastest Nextgen Reader. I’m using wp7.8 and I dont know how to fix, help me please!!!

    • ngreader

      Thanks, we’re looking into it. Please drop a mail (if not sent already), so we can reach you for more information.

      • eugenekrugloff

        When you reinstall the application, can not activate the NGReader via a Google account-accept button is not active! Google throws shit again

        • ngreader

          Yes. Hoping Google will fix this soon as it impacts older version of iOS and Android too.

  • garf

    For some reason I can no longer find this in the store, using WP7.8 with an Estonian account. Please help!

    • ngreader

      Yes, login is not working on WP7. Expecting a fix from Google this week. We’ll re-publish app as soon as it is fixed.

      • garf


  • Not able to find the app on Store. “This app is no longer published”.

    • ngreader

      Should be available now.

  • ngreader

    Hi. It’s available now.