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The amazing update for WP8 (v5.1)

Fast, clean and beautiful reading is an amazing experience. That’s what Nextgen Reader is for, and today we’re bringing a number of nice enhancements, including a new theme and re-designed article view to make it even better. Let’s take a look.

New article view


Now you can customize font-style, size and text-alignment for a more personalized reading experience. Also, you can jump to “view settings” directly from the app bar menu. Nextgen Reader now preloads your next/previous story (even the full article) for faster reading, so you never have to wait again. In-addition to above improvements, we also added a new “slate theme”. It is beautiful and comfortable for long reading. Just give it a try.

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Other improvements

We hear you feedback. Now you can set open method per feed (i.e. summary or full article) on WP8 just like Windows 8 version. We also fixed issues around it like automatically loading summary when application is unable to download full article or if there is no internet connection. These improvements will also be pushed to Windows 8 app in next update (and much more).

Nextgen Reader now remembers your list style for individual feeds or category (e.g. headline or headline + images). This is great, just like the Feedly app on iOS. Last, but not least we’ve also fixed several other issues (e.g. displaying image captions correctly) and worked hard to make sure that the performance is absolutely great.

Welcome to the amazing experience of Reading!

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As always, we love your feedback. Please vote for your favorite ideas or suggestions here (for WP8):

-Next Matters

P.S. We’re very excited about the platform/API improvements in Windows 8.1. More on that soon!