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Introducing Buffer and The 5.2 update for Windows Phone 8

We here at Next Matters are big fans of Buffer. It is simply a great way to share articles on your social media channels. Here’s a couple of our favorite reasons:

  • Found a bunch of interesting stories in Nextgen Reader but didn’t really like sharing all at the same time.
  • Or simply wish you could post an article at particular time on Twitter or Facebook?

Using Buffer, you can simply add links to your queue or schedule them individually. We recommed you head over to now and find out more about it’s features.

Configuring, adding and scheduling updates is straightforward in Nextgen Reader. Just hit the share button and select “Buffer”. We even added a special ability to send updates to buffer from Internet Explorer. Just open on your WP8 device and follow the simple steps.

Find the screenshots below:

3 2

Other improvements in 5.2 update

  • We’ve also added HTTPS support in latest update, as some of you’re not able to sync articles in corporate networks due to proxy issues.Please go to app settings -> synchronization and turn on “HTTPS”. Kudos to Feedly team for making HTTPS free. :)
  • Now you can easily post links to any of your Tumblr blogs via Nextgen Reader.  Tap share and select “Post to Tumblr”.
  • Last but not least, you can open YouTube videos directly in MetroTube from Nextgen Reader (please see the screenshot below).

We hope you enjoy the update.

5 6

Thanks a lot!

– Next Matters

P.S. We’re adding Buffer support to Windows 8 version in next update (hopefully around Windows 8.1 launch).

  • Vitor Canova

    I’m using dark theme in WP. And to be sincerely I hate when I invoke Readability and everything turns white. Why don’t you use the same Readability parser you use in Windows 8 version? Will rock. 😉

    • ngreader

      Thanks, we’ll consider your suggestion. We also hope that Readability team will add support for IE10 on WP8 soon. Meanwhile, you can change the default mobilizer to Instapaper via settings.

      • Vitor Canova

        Yeah I know. But Instapaper is a little buggy for me. Thanks

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  • dovellonsky

    THE BEST !!!

    • ngreader

      Thanks a lot :)

  • Bryan R.

    Any news on bringing portrait mode to the Windows 8 app?

    • ngreader

      Yes, in next update (this month).

      • Bryan R.

        woohoo! Thanks for the update. I love your app. Use it every single day on my tablet and phone.

  • Eleanor Delancy

    What’s the difference between the trial version and the paid version on WP7? (Is the trial version time-limited?)
    I’m thinking of paying for it because I love it, so just wondering…

  • Gregory Ramsey

    I don’t see buffer support in win8 app yet-still working on this?

    • ngreader

      yes, it will be added in next update or the one after that. (hopefully in a month)