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Nextgen Reader update for Windows Phone 8.1 (universal!)

Today we’re launching a major update (v6) for Nextgen Reader. It’s now faster and universal. That is Nextgen Reader now shares the same identity across the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store, therefore you can login/purchase once and run on multiple devices. We’re also very happy to announce that you can now own Nextgen Reader on Desktop, Tablet, and Windows Phone device for just $2.99 once!

All of your accounts data is roamed securely using Windows Credential Locker. In case you’re not using the Windows 8 app already, you’ll be prompted again for login at start. Please find the screenshots and change-log below:

new logo screenshot new tiles discover

• Brand new logo for universal app.
• Login/purchase once and run on multiple devices (Windows or Windows Phone).
• New live tiles with smaller text size for headlines.
• Easily configure individual tiles i.e. display only unread count, headlines or images.
• Support for large screen devices (Lumia 1520).
• Share articles via OS e.g. save to reading list app.
• Discover new feeds or browse categories via ‘add feeds’ hub.
• Optimized for low memory devices (Lumia 520).
• Redesigned login page and fixed login errors.
• Improved OneNote login (if you use 2-factor authentication).
• Many other changes and improvements.
• Known issue: Save image to phone is not supported in this release (planned).

We’re excited about the new update, and we hope you enjoy it as well. As always, please share your thoughts with us on Twitter/Facebook or just leave a comment below. Happy Reading!


Cheers / Thanks,
– Next Matters

  • Yess2000

    Keep getting an error code: 80073cf9

    • ngreader

      Please uninstall and then try re-installing. Thanks!

  • Yess2000

    Can’t update, getting error code 80073cf6 every time …

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  • MonkeyPaw

    My app updated, but I think it’s still in trial mode since the WP Store still says “Buy” and not that I own it. I bought NextGen on Windows 8 some time ago.

    • ngreader

      When you press buy button, store will confirm your old purchase. Thanks.

      • MonkeyPaw

        Thanks! You guys made one of the best apps ever. Your support is fantastic.

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  • Martina Lubosch

    Hi there! On the Windows Phone Store I can only see v 5.5 (German and Italian market), and there is no update available for the v 5.5 which I have currently installed. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall? Or is there another source from where I can download v6? Note: my Lumia 1520 still runs on Windows Phone 8, as the updated to 8.1 is not available yet.

    • ngreader

      The update is only available for Windows Phone 8.1 (also optimized for Lumia 1520). But you’ll have to wait for OS update. Thanks.

  • przemekxa

    Is it also optimized for Lumia 1320?

    • ngreader

      Yes. Please let us know if you notice any issues.

  • Jakub

    After updating to WP 8.1 the quick status icon of Nextgen Reader on the lock screen is never displayed even though I’ve configured the lock screen to do so. The live tile works just fine.

    Any solution other than resetting the app’s settings or reinstalling it?


    • ngreader

      Sorry, it’s a known issue, will investigate and fix soon.

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