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Windows 10 is a significant OS update for developers. Here at Next Matters, we’re super excited about Windows 10 and couldn’t wait till #Build2015 to announce our plans.

So what’s next for Nextgen Reader?
One of our biggest updates ever. Yes, that’s true. We are lucky to have great support from Windows Phone community since the beginning and the love has only grown.

Now we’re building a product not only for us but for the community; as we continue to receive the new ideas and suggestions from users every day via emails, Twitter and Facebook. And since many of you have been using Windows 10 Technical preview, we look forward to your participation and feedback in the #nextgen beta program (more details coming soon).

The two major focus areas for Nextgen Reader on Windows 10 will be design and features. Bringing the two versions closer together, with a common experience and settings, and to further align with the new design approach. We know many of you (especially WP fans) are very critical about the new design in Win10 Technical Previews but do not worry, we’ll take a thoughtful approach on implementing the hamburger button in Nextgen Reader. However, we definitely believe that adding hamburger control to the sdk will eventually turn out to be a massive gain for Windows app store, as tons of developers want to aesthetically match their apps on all platforms (consider shopping and banking apps across platforms and so on).

So without further ado, please jump to comments and let us know what features do you want to see in Nextgen Reader for Windows 10.

What’s new in Nextgen Reader v6.4.0.24

We recently published a new update on phone and switched from Bitly to Google Url Shortener, due to API limits. But as some of you’d requested in the past, we’ve implemented the option to use your own custom key for Bitly.cmd

Please find the steps below:

  • Create a new bitly account.
  • Go to
  • Click “Generate Token” button to create a generic access_token
  • Go to app settings -> about and type following in cmd (without quotes): “enable bitly {access_token}”
  • Replace “{access_token}” with your own generated key.
  • To disable, type following in cmd (without quotes): “disable bitly”


Looking forward to #Build2015 and exciting months ahead. Happy Reading!

-G and Next Matters team