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We here at Next Matters are big fans of Buffer. It is simply a great way to share articles on your social media channels. Here’s a couple of our favorite reasons:

  • Found a bunch of interesting stories in Nextgen Reader but didn’t really like sharing all at the same time.
  • Or simply wish you could post an article at particular time on Twitter or Facebook?

Using Buffer, you can simply add links to your queue or schedule them individually. We recommed you head over to now and find out more about it’s features.

Configuring, adding and scheduling updates is straightforward in Nextgen Reader. Just hit the share button and select “Buffer”. We even added a special ability to send updates to buffer from Internet Explorer. Just open on your WP8 device and follow the simple steps.

Find the screenshots below:

3 2

Other improvements in 5.2 update

  • We’ve also added HTTPS support in latest update, as some of you’re not able to sync articles in corporate networks due to proxy issues.Please go to app settings -> synchronization and turn on “HTTPS”. Kudos to Feedly team for making HTTPS free. :)
  • Now you can easily post links to any of your Tumblr blogs via Nextgen Reader.  Tap share and select “Post to Tumblr”.
  • Last but not least, you can open YouTube videos directly in MetroTube from Nextgen Reader (please see the screenshot below).

We hope you enjoy the update.

5 6

Thanks a lot!

– Next Matters

P.S. We’re adding Buffer support to Windows 8 version in next update (hopefully around Windows 8.1 launch).

Fast, clean and beautiful reading is an amazing experience. That’s what Nextgen Reader is for, and today we’re bringing a number of nice enhancements, including a new theme and re-designed article view to make it even better. Let’s take a look.

New article view


Now you can customize font-style, size and text-alignment for a more personalized reading experience. Also, you can jump to “view settings” directly from the app bar menu. Nextgen Reader now preloads your next/previous story (even the full article) for faster reading, so you never have to wait again. In-addition to above improvements, we also added a new “slate theme”. It is beautiful and comfortable for long reading. Just give it a try.

i3 i4

Other improvements

We hear you feedback. Now you can set open method per feed (i.e. summary or full article) on WP8 just like Windows 8 version. We also fixed issues around it like automatically loading summary when application is unable to download full article or if there is no internet connection. These improvements will also be pushed to Windows 8 app in next update (and much more).

Nextgen Reader now remembers your list style for individual feeds or category (e.g. headline or headline + images). This is great, just like the Feedly app on iOS. Last, but not least we’ve also fixed several other issues (e.g. displaying image captions correctly) and worked hard to make sure that the performance is absolutely great.

Welcome to the amazing experience of Reading!

download url

As always, we love your feedback. Please vote for your favorite ideas or suggestions here (for WP8):

-Next Matters

P.S. We’re very excited about the platform/API improvements in Windows 8.1. More on that soon!

[Update] Nextgen Reader (v1.7) update is now available in Windows 8 store.

We are very excited. Nextgen Reader (v5.0) update with Feedly cloud is now available in Windows Phone 8 store.

We hope you enjoy the release.  Also, there are other improvements and bug fixes (including the sharing to Twitter).

Few important notes about the migration:

  • Please backup your data using Google Takeout:
  • To connect with feedly cloud, please go to app settings -> accounts and select “feedly”.
  • If you’re logging in for the first time, then Feedly will automatically migrate your list of subscriptions and categories. It will also migrate the tagged articles (Note: there is 1,000 entry limit for each tag).
  • Your unread counts are reset.

Thanks to Feedly for being a great partner and building an awesome product.


Next Matters

We’re excited to announce that Nextgen Reader will add support for Feedly before Google Reader retires.

As you may know, Feedly is working on the Normandy project, to help keep the vibrant ecosystem of Google Reader apps that people love. We’re delighted to be part of this project, along with some of the best Google Reader apps on other platforms. You can read the announcement here.


We’ll update apps on both WP8 and Windows 8 this month. And specially for our long-term customers, we’ll also update the WP7 version to support Feedly, hopefully next month or as early as possible.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of our users for supporting us.

Happy Reading!
– Next Matters

P.S. More news on the beta next week.

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We’re really excited about the latest Nextgen Reader update (v4.5) for WP8. We worked very hard on bringing Windows Phone and Windows 8 code-base to a common set for this release. Now that it is done, we can focus on your requests (yes, we love them), new features and continue to deliver quick updates. Let’s take a spin through the new changes:


New login experience

Completely secure OAuth2 based login; so no longer you have to share the username or password with the application.

Faster Sync

We brought the very best sync engine to WP8 app; now supports incremental syncing which means a lot less bandwidth usage and faster sync period. Also, we fixed the major sync issue, so you shouldn’t get anymore ‘network connection’ or ‘session expired’ errors.

Bug fixes, design tweaks and a lot more

We fixed couple of bugs in the background task, thus the live tiles should be back to normal with no issues at all. Also, we’ve made some designs improvements to share menu and ‘headline + large’ images list style (see screenshots above). Finally, there are a lot of performance tweaks and enhancements to deliver a smooth experience.

Please find the complete change log here and get the latest update now (if you haven’t yet).

Regarding Windows 8 app and Google Reader shutdown

First, we want to thank you for your great support and patience. We heard your feedback and understand that cross-platform support is one of the most important features to you. Since, we’ve no plans to support other platforms (Android or iOS); we’re no longer considering an independent sync solution at the moment.

So, the next big question, which service will Nextgen Reader support? Well, you’ll have to wait a little more but we promise to announce that very soon (hopefully before the end of this month). Just a small request, please continue to use Google Reader for another couple of weeks. We’ll take care of the migration.

And last but not least, new update for Windows 8 is coming soon with dark theme and lot of enhancements.

Thank you!

– Next Matters

Google announced today that it’s shutting down Google Reader on July 1, 2013. It’s not a big surprise to us as we knew that it was going to happen someday but may be not so soon. Anyways, R.I.P. Google Reader – we loved you and we’ll miss you as developers although you never gave us an official API. 😉

But, the even bigger surprise to us is your support for Nextgen Reader. Since the announcement, we’ve received hundreds of emails and messages on Twitter/Facebook/etc. Please be assured that Nextgen Reader will continue to work perfectly across Windows & Windows Phone and we’re already looking into various alternatives:

  • Hosting our own service on Windows Azure.
  • Newsblur support.
  • Normandy – Feedly support.

More importantly, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share them below in comments or feel free to send a mail, or reach us via Twitter and Facebook anytime.

We’ll share further details very soon… hopefully next week or before end of this month. Till then we request you to keep using Google Reader for next few weeks.

Thank you again for your patience and support!

We recently released a big update for Nextgen reader v4 on Windows Phone.
This update is applicable only for WP8 users and now available in the marketplace.

*** What’s new in v4 ***
• Support for HD and higher resolutions.
• Brand new icon (similar to Windows 8 app).
• Brand new “paper” theme for great reading experience.
• Fast app resume from start screen.
• Support for small, medium and wide live tiles.
• Support for Lock-screen notifications.
• Always read complete stories using “full article mode” (powered by Readability).
• Customize article list views.
• New gestures for changing articles.
• New metro style share menu.
• New: ‘Show image captions’ in articles view.
• New: Pin ‘subscriptions list’ to start from app bar.
• Do not hide read items immediately (added option to hide instantly for v3.x behavior).
• Faster image caching by 2-3x times.
• Improved YouTube support with IE10.
• Fixed: Image resizing in article view.
• Several other UX/design improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.

Images of Nexgten Reader v4
>> Multiple Theme Options <<
ngrwp8-1 ngrwp8-2 ngrwp8-3

>> Different layout options <<

ngrwp8-4 ngrwp8-5

ngrwp8-6 ngrwp8-7
 Also, thanks to Ashish for posting a video for Nextgen Reader v4 on WPXBox
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Hello, today we would like to share two important things with you.

First, how you can connect with us and help us in making Nextgen Reader, the best across Windows 8 and Windows Phone platform. Yes, we’re working even harder to surprise you more. :)

There are lots of channels to reach us and you might be connected with us already on all or most of them. Still we wanted to get this rolling for all our users to share and broaden the next gen community. Getting queries via right channel can helps us in responding quickly, as well as putting extra energy into development.

  • For feature requests, please visit our Uservoice forum for Windows app and Windows Phone app.
  • For troubleshooting or general help, please check our FAQ page. If you don’t find the answer, please contact us or send a support mail from the app itself.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and look out for great videos, tips and demos (new videos coming soon).
  • And most importantly, follow us on twitter and like our facebook page for regular updates. Let us know that you really love the nextgen reader. :)

Second, the big wait is finally over. We’ve submitted an amazing update, indeed a new major release (v4) for Windows Phone 8 to store and expecting it to be available soon (hopefully by end of week).

We’ll cover all the details on update here but for now, you can go ahead and purchase the Nextgen Reader at a discount price i.e. for $1.29 than usual $1.99 (US) and get free WP8 update later this week. Not sure, you can even listen to Observed Tech podcast by Richard Hay on how much he likes WP8 update and about his full time switch to Nextgen Reader for RSS on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

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Thanks again for all the support and we’ll soon share more news about the upcoming updates for Windows 8 and Windows Phone platform.

Happy Reading!

-NG Team

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