Building next generation apps for Windows platform.

Change log

What’s new in v7.0.20.0:

  • Upgraded to Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
  • Improved scaling and rendering of text.
  • Improved Grid View UI (tap the three dots and select grid view).
  • New: Feed management – add, edit, move or delete feeds.
  • New: Search feeds by title, URL or #topic.
  • New: List style with story thumbnails.
  • New: Support full-screen mode (press F11 key or tap the app logo in left corner).
  • Transparent live tiles with unread count up to 9999.
  • Updated context menu’s with icons.
  • Enable/disable swiping in reading pane.
  • Multiple selection is here (mark multiple items as read/star/etc).
  • Use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple items.
  • Or tap the left edge to select an item.
  • Using Mercury Web Parser for full articles.
  • Improved back button handling.
  • Removed Readability mobilizer.
  • Added option to enable/disable live tiles under settings.
  • General bug fixes and other improvements.

What’s new in v2.5

  • New: Inbuilt OneNote support (just one click or key press to save).
  • New: Select favorite sharing or saving tool e.g. Post (default), OneNote, Pocket, etc.
  • New: Post to Facebook page.
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts – C: Clip to OneNote, B: Buffer.
  • Improved: Set default mobilizer directly from drop down menu.
  • Updated error messages/handling.
  • Other design improvements and bug fixes.

Windows Phone 8

What’s new in v6.4.0.0 (WP8.1)
  • Show profile picture on main page.
  • Added option to disable profile picture (via settings -> general).
  • General improvements and fixes.

NOTE: If no profile picture is available (via Feedly), then app will show default logo.

What’s new in v6.3.0.0 (WP8.1)
  • New: Open links in UC Browser.
  • New: Open YouTube videos in Tubecast app.
  • New: Open Folders as list of feeds or list of articles.
  • Easily change open method i.e. tap the three dots and select “load full article for this feed”.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.