Building next generation apps for Windows platform.

Change log

What’s new in v2.5

  • New: Inbuilt OneNote support (just one click or key press to save).
  • New: Select favorite sharing or saving tool e.g. Post (default), OneNote, Pocket, etc.
  • New: Post to Facebook page.
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts – C: Clip to OneNote, B: Buffer.
  • Improved: Set default mobilizer directly from drop down menu.
  • Updated error messages/handling.
  • Other design improvements and bug fixes.

What’s new in v2.4.903.0

  • New: Post to LinkedIn.
  • Improved: Remember toggle positions when posting status.
  • Improved: Sharing to other apps e.g. OneNote, etc.
  • Fixed: Live tile when folder name starts with special characters.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

What’s new in v2.4.2.0

  • New universal app logo.
  • Login/purchase once and run on multiple devices.
  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.

What’s new in v2.4

  • New: Move next on Mark All Read (enabled by default).
  • New: Move next after Last Article (enabled by default).
  • New: Auto sync on resume after certain period (15 minutes by default).
  • Changed: Sync button in upper right corner now always sync all feeds.
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts i.e. R: full sync, Shift + R: sync selected feed/folder
  • Added button in bottom appbar to sync selected feed/folder.
  • Fixed other bugs and a crash.

What’s new in v2.3

  • New: Smart search (requires @feedlypro account for complete search results).
  • New: Quickly show/hide read items and feeds.
  • New: Easily collapse or expand all folders.
  • New: Right click on a feed/article in the list for context menus.
  • New: Option to launch browser in full screen.
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts – Y: show/hide read items, Z: focus reading pane, etc.
  • Moved: Manage section to settings charm.
  • Improved: Better handling for login/sync errors during first time setup.
  • Several bug fixes and many other enhancements.

Windows Phone 8

What’s new in v6.1.827.0 (WP8.1 only)
  • New: Post to LinkedIn.
  • New: Save to Pocket with Tags.
  • Improved: Show profile name & image in post status view.
  • Improved: Remember toggle positions in post status view.
  • Fixed: Live tile when folder name starts with special characters.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
What’s new in v6.1.814.0 (WP8.1 only)
  • New: Save article to a particular section in OneNote (tap the three dots next to OneNote in share menu).
  • New: Change default save location for OneNote (go to app settings -> accounts -> OneNote).
  • Small performance improvements.
What’s new in v6 (WP8.1 only)
  • Brand new logo for universal app.
  • Login/purchase once and run on multiple devices (Windows or Windows Phone).
  • New live tiles with smaller text size for headlines.
  • Easily configure individual tiles i.e. display only unread count, headlines or images.
  • Support for large screen devices (Lumia 1520).
  • Share articles via OS e.g. save to reading list app.
  • Discover new feeds or browse categories via ‘add feeds’ hub.
  • Optimized for low memory devices (Lumia 520).
  • Redesigned login page and fixed login errors.
  • Improved OneNote login (if you use 2-factor authentication).
  • Many other changes and performance improvements.
  • Known issue: Save image to phone is not supported in this release (planned).
What’s new in v5.5
  • New: Save to OneNote.
  • New: Save images to phone (just tap and hold in article view).
  • New: Article search is back with option to match title-only (Feedly Pro account is required for complete search results).
  • New: Save recent searches automatically, so you don’t have to type ever again.
  • New: Set default CC and BCC for emails.
  • New: Enable/disable flick gesture in article view.
  • Updated: Support for Pocket v3 API.
  • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes.
What’s new in v5.4
  • New: Preview feeds before subscribing.
  • New: Set line-height in article view.
  • New: Set background and accent color independently.
  • New: Set default email address for sharing.
  • New: Load full article (via readability) without going to mobilizer website.
  • New: Use Facebook app to authenticate your account for sharing.
  • Improved: Increased offline limit to 2000 articles.
  • Several performance improvements and bug fixes.